Are you ready to take action?

I want to ask you this…

  • Do you have a crystal clear ‘message to market to method’ alignment in your business?
  • Do you have a solid irresistible offer? And a way to talk about it in a magnetic way?
  • Do you know who your best paying clients are?
  • If you can’t do that in 60 seconds, you need me.
  • If you had a lead a day, would you know how to convert that lead into a conversation, or a client?
  • If I said go into LinkedIn and get five leads today would you know what to do?

If the answer is no, you need me. If you are serious about designing a flourishing business, and want to know how to find new clients on LinkedIn, let’s have a chat.

Work with Me to Get High Paying Clients Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn Client Accelerator ROADMAPBecome a LinkedIn Ninja and have a constant stream of new clients. This LinkedIn training course for ambitious entrepreneurs includes group sessions, detailed modules and private sessions with Tracey too!

Guaranteed results or your money back.

You will leave this program having achieved amazing results and set up to achieve even more every week thereafter.

To allow you to maximise the opportunities on LinkedIn and have a constant stream of new clients, we will:-

  • get your mindset in the right place
  • establish an unshakeable business foundation
  • establish a easy LinkedIn process shows you how to get new clients
  • create leads and get meetings from LinkedIn with your ideal clients
  • build visibility for your brand
  • learn the process of gaining new clients gracefully with less effort and stress
  • learn how to improve those sales calls without feeling sleazy!

This LinkedIn program includes weekly training sessions, hot seats, Q&As, weekly milestones to move you forward faster, comprehensive online modules with lifetime access, private sessions.

To keep you focused there are Power Sprints. These are weekly sprints where I give you training on day one and set you a challenge for the week. We then get together once a day for the rest of the week so that I can support you to get great results. The Power Sprints include Audience & Marketing Message, Messaging your Prospects, Writing Content, Sales Calls. You will become a master at the whole process of marketing your business.

Book a chat here to learn more about the LinkedIn Client Accelerator Roadmap.
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LinkedIn Client Accelerator EXCLUSIVEWork privately with Tracey on a LinkedIn client generation program bespoke for you & your business.

Working privately with Tracey, this program covers everything you need to be a roaring success and take your business to the next level and beyond.

We follow my proven process, the 3 Step Business Accelerator Method. Learning this will enable you to fish for a lifetime!

I guarantee that you will, at the very least, recoup your investment.

Book a chat here to discuss how to get clients fast.

LinkedIn Alchemy MastermindIncrease your results exponentially by learning even more about getting results for your business - and keeping up to date with the latest on LinkedIn, the world of marketing, what's working and what's not.

This is for graduates of LinkedIn Client Accelerator ROADMAP and EXCLUSIVE programs and also for advanced marketers who want to use LinkedIn for business growth.

Increase your results exponentially by learning even more about getting results on LinkedIn. Also learn what is working in marketing right now and how you can apply that to your business. Many of us find it hard to keep on track so the accountability that I provide ensures that you reach your goals.

Have all of your questions answered, learn new, up to date advanced ways of marketing your business in small mastermind group sessions. Also included a private Kick Off session, private sessions with Tracey, Power Sprints to help you achieve your goals. Apply here.

Business & Marketing AssessmentWondering why your business is not doing better? Have you tried changing what you are doing, or the way you do things but nothing seems to make a difference?

You are probably too close to the problem – a typical wood and trees issue!

First of all you have a fresh pair of experienced eyes on your business and marketing. And that can never be underestimated

It will stop you from unconsciously wasting time and money on marketing activities that are producing less than ideal results.

A review of your marketing, sales, business foundational elements, with an emphasis on how you are using LinkedIn, will expose you to new ideas, different strategies and ways of doing things that you might never have considered.

It will also expose the tremendous potential of your business.

Your business will no longer be held back, it will have the means to thrive.

And it will show you a path forward to accomplish all that you have dreamed of.

Book a chat here to find out more.

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