I speak to a lot of consultants and coaches each week and many find marketing a mystery and a frustration!

This finally motivated me to write down a checklist of my top tips learned over 35 years in marketing!

1. Be ruthless about refining your target audience and niche. It is so much easier to ‘speak’ to those people you would like as clients in emails, social media posts, blog posts because you know exactly what they want to hear about and there is no need to generalize trying to appeal to everybody. That never works!

2. Talk to a few of your ideal clients on a regular basis to really understand what they need and want. Get under their skin. Do your research. Put a call out in LinkedIn groups to find volunteers who are in your target market. Ask a question in your ‘Thank you’ message to new connections

3. Formulate your marketing message. Keep it focused and clear. If you have done the work well defining your audience then this is so much easier to do. Keep it focused on the results your ideal clients want to achieve.

4. Be prepared to take massive action consistently. Marketing isn’t something that you can do when you are not busy. It takes regular effort and always needs more than you first imagine! If you can’t do it – outsource!

5. Choose the channels that you will use to communicate with your ideal audience e.g. social media platforms, speaking, blogging etc. The trick is to not spread yourself too thinly. Go deep not broad!

6. Produce valuable content that sets you up as an expert in the minds of your audience and engage them emotionally. Be consistent about putting out content. The aim is to get noticed and get engagement.

7. Capture email addresses so you can nurture relationships over time. Categorize people within your list – by promotion, by type of content they responded to etc..

8. Don’t be afraid to talk to people – pick up the phone!

9. Use video whenever you can – it builds relationships, is great for SEO and getting higher up the newsfeeds.

10. Learn how to be a master at those initial meetings with prospects. (hint: if you have done the previous steps correctly your ideal clients should be queuing up to sign with you!) If you would like some help with this, get in touch and I will send you my eBook on this subject.

What is your best marketing tip?

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Tracey, known as The LinkedIn Marketing Alchemist, has perfected the art of taking something as ordinary as your LinkedIn account and turning it into a valuable lead generating machine! Her tried and tested, scalable process consistently generates the levels of conversations from LinkedIn you need to turn them into clients and cash.

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