Many of my connections have been telling me about the growing amount of inbox messages they are getting promising them zillions of sales leads each week from LinkedIn. My concern is that LinkedIn will lose credibility as a platform. I am seeing this happening in the marketing sector but unscrupulous LinkedIn members can show up in any sector.

Is this happening to you? Are you over run with unsophisticated, overt sales messages as once as you connect with someone?

I thought that I might shed some light on this for you. Over the last couple of years there have been a number of automation tools developed to allow you to send bulk messages from your LinkedIn account. This has coincided with numerous changes in Facebook algorithms and increasing costs of using Facebook ads. So, people marketing their business have been looking for alternative ways to gain new clients. LinkedIn is one of those platforms that people are taking an increased interest in

Add a third factor into the mix – cheap LinkedIn training courses aimed at younger people with little money to invest, with no marketing skills looking for ways to make a quick buck. Now you have a recipe for disaster! The result is a lot of people with NO marketing or business experience using automation to mass message you and, worse, wanting to mass message your potential clients!!

Already, I am being lumped into the same box even though I have 38 years marketing experience and always aim for integrity, elegance, value, service and intelligence in all I do!

The worst story I heard was of a man who had bought one of these services and had his diary full of sales calls but he couldn’t make any sales – the price of the software he was selling was only $97!!! And he was thinking of dropping the price as a solution! Really!! This awful situation has more to do with poor messaging, poor targeting and quantity over quality. Also bad advice in the beginning. People selling a $97 product should not be selling it via a sales page.

So, what is the right process to ensure that you can market yourself via LinkedIn in an authentic and graceful way?

The first area to address is what I call your business framework – defining a narrow target audience, an in-depth understanding what their pain is, their challenges and what results they are looking for. Looking at services and prices to ensure that they are highly attractive and, finally, a great value proposition. For this part you need a marketing partner who understands business, marketing and has done this many times before. (Even when I do this exercise for myself, I find someone else to work with, because doing it yourself is too hard – you need an experienced, impartial pair of eyes.)

Then come strategies for acquiring inbound enquiries through the content you write, using new connections and messaging, and intelligent outreach to your dream clients.

There is no overt selling going on. Yes, obviously we are all marketing ourselves with the end goal of having a conversation with our ideal clients and if we are the right fit, and the person buys from us – great! But the path to get there is through service and value. It’s not through sending 3000 messages a month to a random selection of people.

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