If you are a solo entrepreneur or very small business there may be an argument for not bothering. But if your longer term strategy is to grow your business then I would definitely create, and grow, a Page now.

For various reasons even if you have no plans for growth I would say there is still a good case for a Company Page.

Read on to see if you agree.

What value do they add?

What are the advantages of having a LinkedIn Company Page?

A Page adds some credibility and professionalism. But make sure that you have completed all the relevant sections, have a great banner etc..

One GREAT reason is that you can target the posts you publish on the Page – HOWEVER, you must have 300 followers before you can access that feature. BUT it is easy to do – just go to your Page and look for Invite Connections To Follow. Easy!

Google LOVES LinkedIn Company Pages so it is possible to come top in searches (as long as you have the right keywords and phrases)

And the nice thing about having a Company Page is that under the Experience section on your personal profile, your company will show your logo instead of a grey box!! How fabulous is that?

Your Company Page is publicly visible irrespective of whether they are followers or connections. And we all need all the visibility we can get!

It can help lead generation on LinkedIn – and who doesn’t want more of those!

What are the Differences between a LinkedIn Profile and a LinkedIn Company Page?

LinkedIn Company Pages represent an organisation/company and a profile represents an individual

Your Page has ‘followers’ and your Profile has ‘connections’

Like Facebook, you can only run LinkedIn ads if you have a Company Page (and you can only have a Page if you have a Profile)

Your LinkedIn Company Page has sections covering People, Jobs, and an About section. Your Profile has much more information about you – probably more than you can write anywhere – even your own website!

What Information can you put on your Company Page?

A tagline under the banner that sums up your offer

A button that can, for example, take people directly to your website when they click it

A 2000 character overview of your business to tell people what you do, how you do it, the results that can be achieved

The locations of your business – great if you have more than one especially!

Hashtags (great for SEO!!)

If you have a Group on Linkedin you can add this here too. People can see it and request to join it from your Company Page

You can create an online or offline, Event and promote it ( From your LinkedIn homepage, click the icon next to Events, click the correct Event name. You’ll be directed to the Event page. Click Share. Select Share in a post from the dropdown.)

You can even have your Page in another language, if relevant!

What should you post on a LinkedIn Company Page?

Case studies. These are great for showcasing the experience and results that clients get from working with you.

Your industry news and updates. If you work for a specific industry then you could also add some posts about that industry.

Developments within your own business. This is a Company page so anything information that relates to your business is highly relevant.

Research or survey results for your company or your industry. Think about adding your opinions and interpretations too.
Announcement of new products/services. Entirely appropriate to showcase them here. You could also post about changes to existing products and services.
Product/service promotions. Use posts on your Company Page to talk about the promotions you are running and how they can access them
Company awards, celebrations, anniversaries. Blow your own trumpet! Do not be humble! If you are successful then tell the world.
Media mentions, podcast or radio show interviews. Promote your appearances to give people an opportunity to learn more about you in a different context.
Spotlighting any employee or people you work with. This gives you the opportunity to give a broader view of your business and work
Promotion of events. Even if you are only doing a free workshop or presentation, add it here to promote. See above for the details.

How do you add Followers to your Company Page?

You can ‘Invite Connections to Follow’ very easily. “Sending each invitation requires 1 credit. When your invite is accepted, the credit is returned. Each month, Pages are granted invitation credits shared by all admins. Credits do not roll over.”

You can add the LinkedIn ‘Follow’ button to your website

You could add the Page link to any marketing material you produce including your LinkedIn Profile, emails and blog posts.

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To see more of my content and tips on LinkedIn connect with me on LinkedIn, https://www.linkedin.com/in/traceyburnett/

It would be great to hear your thoughts on Company Pages. Also leave your Company Page link in the comments for us to follow.

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