Should I start a LinkedIn Group?

91% of executives turn to LinkedIn over any other platforms when they’re seeking quality content.

So it stands to reason that people would look for their content within their interest areas within specialist groups on LinkedIn.

If you are a content provider, a group full of people interested in your subject matter sounds perfect!

And one of the most frequent questions I get asked is whether or not to start a LinkedIn Group as a showcase for your own quality content.

What are the benefits of a LinkedIn group?

Here are a few.

LinkedIn will send a daily, or weekly digest to all group members keeping them updated and engaged. Great visibility for you!

It has the opportunity to give you great access to people you might not have otherwise met. Potential new clients!

As the admin of a group, you have the ability to send announcement emails, a message that would drop directly into the inboxes of each community member. More visibility and gains you credibility over time

Given that you put in the time, you will create a valuable community. This provides opportunities to nurture relationships that can lead to new clients, referral partners, partnerships etc..

Start a group on LinkedIn or not?

The short answer is that it depends.

If you are going to allocate precious time to a group, consider what your goal is. Does this fit with your business goals? Do you have time? Where does it fit in your priorities?

Could this become a great pond to fish in to hook your ideal clients?

Like most things in life, if you put the time and thought into it in it could be a great success!

You have decided to start a LinkedIn group, now what?

Be clear on what your group is about and who it is for. Be very specific in your planning and promotion of it.

For obvious reasons, you will get the most bang for your buck by having a group that attracts your target audience and NOT your peers.

State what you will be sharing, topics that will be discussed and the intention of the group. As the founder of the group, this is also a good place to list your own contact information or any additional resources you provide pertinent to the group’s topic.

What is the specific topic of the group? Think about what keeps your audience up at night? What questions are you asked the most by them?

Research other groups on LinkedIn – what is the gap you could fill?

Optimising the group information with relevant keywords is essential so you are found by those people you want in the group.

Build members by sending invites – keep it short, make it personal. And remember, build your community with quality people. Be elitist!

You can share your “Group Join” link on other social networks. Add the link to your email footer, your website, your LinkedIn profile (of course!), and any other locations where potential community members might be.

Ensure your group is Listed – this means it will be easily found

Make sure you have time set aside to maintain it.

Establish group rules and make sure that they are adhered to.

Ask members what they want in terms of content

The downside of LinkedIn Groups

Groups are not integrated with the rest of LinkedIn so you will not, for example, see the posts from the group in your newsfeed. This means that you have to visit the group to see the content.

If it is a group that is active, with high quality, relevant content then people will visit. The email digest of content they receive will jog their memories and entice them to click through to the group.

Too many LinkedIn Groups have become places where people simply drop their links to articles and posts and disappear. You need to make sure that is not your group!

An alternative to having your own group

Being an active participant in someone else’s Group can help you network with other professionals and businesses in your field.

Do you have a group? Share the link.

What are your thoughts on LinkedIn groups? Do you use them?

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