Did you set yourself big goals for this year, back in December?

Did you have a new big idea or big project that you wanted to implement?

Like all entrepreneurial people we all have plenty of ideas and big goals. BUT there are 2 things that hold us back and they are…..

Getting started

Keeping momentum going (because of course, often the next idea seems more attractive or we have a number of projects on the go and cannot keep the plates in the air)
So, I take action, however small, as soon as I make a decision.

And I break the project/challenge/idea down into smaller steps and schedule them into my calendar to help with the momentum.

I also look at what I can pass on to someone else to do 😉

To further help with momentum, I keep a focus on my goals, at least one of which must be big, fat and hairy enough to inspire me!

I reward myself too for achieving steps along the way – a decent bottle of champagne, a (small) box of fresh cream chocs, or a nice fat juicy lobster!

What do you do to reward yourself when you have hit a milestone or goal?

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Tracey, known as The LinkedIn Marketing Alchemist, has perfected the art of taking something as ordinary as your LinkedIn account and turning it into a valuable lead generating machine! Her tried and tested, scalable process consistently generates the levels of conversations from LinkedIn you need to turn them into clients and cash.