Tracey and her sisters, 1967

My Story

I never planned to have a career or my own business…

When I was at school I thought I would get married and have children because that’s what my mother, and the women she mixed with, did. I had no business role models, male or female on which to draw any other conclusion for my life.

I was brought up in the 60’s before life really started to change for women. My father had high standards, believed in hard work and liked the good things in life, especially food, which is where I started my lifelong passion for food and wine.

I am also blessed to have inherited his values of hard work and high standards.

In my teens I was introduced to more of the finer things in life and that got me thinking about how I could carve out a better, more abundant life for myself.

My First Consultancy Branding

The road to entrepreneurship!

Corporate life did not really suit me once I got further up the ladder. They didn’t appreciate me sticking my head above the parapet with my opinions. I was too outspoken and my creative thinking was not valued.

I was not going to go much further up that corporate ladder!

Interview with Tracey Burnett

The exciting, but nerve wracking, move to being an entrepreneur

So, a few years down the line when I was made redundant, it finally led me, in the middle of a recession, to become my own boss ……thinking that I was going to be able to work 3 days a week and become a lady of leisure for the rest of the week! Optimism is in my nature!

Everyone thought I was crazy. And it WAS frightening. But my boyfriend at the time, persuaded me that it was a great idea and he had a successful business and drove a Porsche 911 so I thought – if he can do it, why can’t I?

So I burnt my boats by turning down a few well paid jobs in London.

It WAS a big risk. But then I am not risk averse and I do like a challenge and I took action!

So that finally led me, in the middle of a recession to become my own boss! I started my own marketing consultancy.

Using a successful business formula that I still use today for my own business and my clients’ businesses, I turned over nearly $1/2m dollars within the first 2 years.

A good start!

and so it continued…

But how did I take that start up from ZERO to $470,000 over the first two years?

And here I am today, forty years in business, over thirty years of being an entrepreneur and having my own business.

I have a history of utilising opportunities in a market downturn. 1990 and 2008 recessions and now the Pandemic

In a recession, I started a business and took the consultancy to nearly $1/2m success in less than 2 years.

But how did I take that start up from ZERO to $470,000?

I did it with a process I still use today for myself and my clients.

1. I had a big – WHY.I wanted to live outside of London and get away from a stressful job.

2. The right market.I chose a market that I had knowledge of. That market had a BIG NEED. They didn’t have a clear marketing strategy. They didn’t have a unique message or a marketing plan. Clients had been easy for them to find. Until the market got tough.

3. A unique, compelling proposition and promise to my prospects.I understood clearly my audiences’ pain and needs and the outcome they wanted. I had the experience that they clearly recognized as valuable to them.

4. A successful marketing method.I had a simple process to identify my market, communicate and persuade the decision maker and get the sale.

Winning at LinkedInSo now I use all of these strands gained over four decades, my failures, disappointments, mistakes, my wisdom, skills and experience in my business which allows me to serve the ambitious entrepreneur and business owner at the highest level.

The people I serve want a no nonsense simple approach to building a thriving, recession fit business – fast.

They want more clients and they are looking for an easy pain free process to market their business.

They want to get more out of their LinkedIn presence and believe it can translate into meaningful connections and tangible measurable results and sales.

If they have business partners, or a team they would love to utilise their LinkedIn presence to supercharge sales.

They want to quickly increase the number of conversations with their ideal audiences, leading to a steady stream of new clients plus higher visibility.

Why Me?

I am different because I put an emphasis on the complete process that My clients need to achieve the exceptional levels of success they want.

As a partner, mentor, advisor, I support ambitious, committed B2B experts, entrepreneurs coaches, consultants, agencies to create results – clients, visibility and influence. These are gained by using my unrivalled 3 Step Business Accelerator Method utilising the power of LinkedIn for business growth.

Personally, I am results driven, practical in my approach, supportive and love to over deliver. But, bear in mind, I am a no nonsense type of person but that means that you get the accountability you need to succeed! I will hold your feet to the fire

I look forward to working with you!

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