If you are making progress too slowly in your online business have a look at the list of common oversights below! In this post you can learn from my own early experiences in my online business and what I have seen with my own clients.

Not having a plan. A plan is essential for success. Start with your goals and then plan out the action you need to achieve each one. Split that action down into months, weeks and finally days. That way you can feel confident every day that you are moving towards achieving your goals.

Focusing on the small stuff. Concentrate on generating revenue getting activities and keeping your clients happy. We often feel more comfortable doing the small things on our list because it makes us feel productive but what could be more important than getting clients and retaining clients?

Being undercapitalized. It takes time to make money so you have to be able to continue building your business without worrying about money, which will kill your energy! This negative energy shows when you are a having a free session with someone. The look on your face and your whole demeanour can change once you realize they are not going to buy. And often people ‘pick up’ on desperation even if it’s at a subconscious level’. If your business isn’t generating enough to pay the bills, get a part time job until it does.

Undervaluing yourself. Many people I know undervalue what they have to offer. Charge what you are worth! Giving too much away and getting nothing much back in return is not an option. There has to be a balance. I used to reduce prices if I believed someone was struggling. But those jobs were always the most troublesome and I would end up losing money. Plus, it can make you feel resentful and have a negative impact on your energy.

Spreading yourself too thin on social media. Concentrate your efforts on where your audience is and the best thing to do is test that rather than assume. Test platforms, groups, types of posts etc.. Pick a primary platform and a secondary one then go deep on those so you get known and respected as fast as possible. (if you have a B2B audience and you would like to use LinkedIn to generate new clients, talk to me )

Not having the foundations in place. The foundations of great marketing and building a successful business are having a narrow and lucrative target audience and niche, having a great message that they resonate with strongly, being able to reach them where they hang out and having products that meet their needs. Without these any marketing you do will fall on stony ground.

Getting support too late. Having a general VA or tech VA frees up so many hours and you don’t have to spend as much money on this as you might think. You should be spending your time getting clients and retaining clients not figuring out stuff you are not interested in and are not good at.

Underestimating what it takes to succeed. You need to be committed and passionate – and most of all focused! But also, you need to give it time. Don’t burn out before you have made it. I know it seems that some people make it look like it’s as easy as rolling off a log but it isn’t – a lot of the people you see have been in the business for years and some just aren’t as successful as they would like you to think!

Not taking enough action. You need to take MASSIVE action to succeed especially in the early days. But not just any old action. Stay focused on your goals and make sure that your path to get there is built on solid ground!

What’s been your biggest oversight in business or your best tip?

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