LinkedIn was built by being the place to go for a new job. But it has also long been a place to go for savvy entrepreneurs and business owners to gain visibility, credibility and to meet people to partner with, and of course customers and clients.

8 out of 10 LinkedIn members drive business decisions. So, it is definitely worth you spending some time to evaluate this platform or get to know it even better.

Here are some tips to have more success on LinkedIn.

1. Take time to get to know the platform

When I started using LinkedIn seriously, my business grew exponentially. I went through 4-5 different training courses, experimented and learnt on the job. Every day I am learning new ways to do things, new tricks to improve results or cut down the time it takes the do things. If you want a fast track to success, find someone to support you (Hint: I can help you!)

If anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing well and LinkedIn is not any exception. The rewards are great!

One of my clients has had 16 meetings in the last 2 months. She has never done any LinkedIn marketing before.

2. Make a great first impressions with a killer profile

This page is often the first thing that people see so it needs to be great! Be focused in your message – who you are calling in and why they should take the next step towards you. It is as important as your website. It is like your company brochure. Make sure you make the most of the 3 best pieces of real estate – the banner (image and text), the tagine under your name and the first three sentences of the “About” section – the profile summary.

Google loves LinkedIn and if you have the right key phrases and words you have a brilliant chance to get on page 1 of Google searches. And don’t forget that LinkedIn is a a search engine too. So, give yourself the best chance of being found. There is nothing better than inbound enquiries!

Ensure that the Contact info section is up to date. You would be surprised at the amount of profiles I look at that have no email or telephone number!!

3. Be prepared for an avalanche of interest from your ideal clients!

The more you put in, the more you get out. This is not just about time or broadcasting constantly. There is a lot of what you might call ‘behind the scenes’ activity that needs to go on to get the desired result which is your ideal clients sticking their hands up to talk to you. You need to get your foundation right – your audience, their pains and desires, the marketing message that is going to appeal to them, a strategy for your content for the LinkedIn newsfeed and your connection and messaging strategy. And not forgetting creating a killer LinkedIn profile

4. Nurture your connections

Once you have a community of connections you will want to develop the relationships.

The aim is that they get to the point where they feel they know, like and trust you. If you achieve that they are more likely to buy when the time is right.

Add the most interesting and promising to a CRM system so that you get reminded to make contact on a regular basis. Follow your connections posts and Like, Comment and Share.

Make them feel loved in any way you can. And that’s appropriate of course!

5. Don’t treat each initial call as a sales call

Have a ‘getting to know you’ chat to work out if they are a fit for you and you are a fit for them. If not, walk away pointing them in another direction if you can to find the solution they need.

If you push your service down their throat on the first call, the likelihood is you will lose them forever. Build rapport, build trust, find out about them and their business, their dreams and goals. Ask yourself if you can make a real difference to their life.

6. Build relationships

Do you want to be thought of as a door to door salesman? No, I didn’t think so. In which case take time to build that know like and trust factor.

Interact with people’s posts, message them in the InBox, send them usual information that you think they might be interested in. How about sending them a voice message from the LinkedIn app which will be delivered straight into their LinkedIn InBox?

Always ask yourself, what can I do for them before you ask for somethings for yourself?

7. Grow your network

It pays to build your first connections network. It gives you wider visibility, gets your content noticed by more people and therefore should get more engagement and ultimately more inbound enquiries.

Ensure that you only connect with people of interest to you – however you define that. It’s a good idea to start with a list of quality connections. (Read my article about culling your connections here. )

8. Take consistent and regular action to strike a lightning bolt through your business

There is no magic bullet. Showing up, doing the work every day once you have built a strong strategy is often the best way of achieving the success you want. It is not a very sexy solution but one that works. And after all, that’s what we all want isn’t it?

Don’t miss out!
So if you think that “LinkedIn won’t work for me” – THINK AGAIN!

You are really missing out if you are not taking LinkedIn seriously. If you are genuine about scaling your business and would like a pipeline of hot prospects, take another look at how you can improve. Or give me a call!

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