Do you feel overwhelmed with the marketing process? Most people do! Often this is because they are attempting to do too much and it is taking so long to get results. Social media can be the worst time drain.

Don’t just follow others or your competitors. Just because everyone else is using Twitter or Pinterest, for example, doesn’t mean it’s right for you and your business. Really think about exactly who you are targeting and where you are most likely to find them. Also think about why your business is the best choice for your audience, create a captivating, appealing message around that. Then ensure that all of your posts support that message.

Go deep not broad!

You don’t have to be on all platforms. Pick your primary and secondary platforms. Go deep with those. Ditch the rest! Spend time posting and offering value, answering peoples posts, sharing etc.. Consider starting your own private group if Facebook or LinkedIn are one of your chosen platforms. Get personal and offer a chat with you once people join your group, offer freebies to collect their email addresses and get them on your list.

Work to get the right people to engage with you by providing highly relevant, interesting content that is easy to consume – for example, infographics are really popular and get a lot of engagement. Use video where you can as it will get you way more views and engagement than a normal post. Upload the video directly from your computer. Uploading your video from your computer will triple your engagement as Facebook will penalize you for using the competition such as YouTube! Do not use a YouTube hosted video on, say, Facebook.

Pick a few groups to join that have your perfect audience and spend your time there – be very active in each group. Get noticed by offering great advice, tips and strategies consistently. That will allow people to get to ‘know you’ and that, in turn, will motivate them to approach you. Invite people to interact with you by asking them questions.

It’s not just about the numbers

We all look at numbers of friends, connections, followers, group members as a measurement of success. Numbers are great but if the relationships are not revenue generating, the numbers don’t help.

To be successful, you need to do four things – listen, influence, network and sell.

Set some goals for yourself around these areas:

Increase client retention
Increase engagement
Increase website traffic
Increase awareness
Learn what your market want, struggle with, the language they use
Earn media mentions,
Get interviews,
Invitations to speak,
Develop strategic partnerships
Generate leads/grow your email list
Generate new clients
Sell more to the clients you have
Lastly, don’t let social media rule your life – it’s a marketing tool not a way of life!

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