I have been excited and in overdrive since I started back at work after the holidays in January.

I have had three main areas that I am concentrating on (besides delivering to my clients, of course)

1. Lead generation and sales

2. Planning & implementation to grow my business to the next stage

3. Keeping the wheels on my marketing bus!

All areas seem equally important. But time is a factor.

How do you choose what takes priority when you are in that period of growth?

How do you build and keep the foundations strong?

Personally, I concentrate on keeping up with the level of meetings I know will result in the number of clients I want each month.

Then I ask myself what I need to do to support that every day. What resources do I need? Which members of my team can help? Do I need extra skills?

Once that is in place the other, often bigger, business foundation projects or tasks are prioritised and get broken down into smaller chunks.

A deadline is applied and time allocated in the calendar to ensure that everything gets done in my ideal timescales.

What is your method of working effectively?

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