I love LinkedIn.

It allows me to find all of my clients.

So why wouldn’t I?

I have proof that it is THE platform to find new clients.

Here are some of the reasons why I believe this can also be true for you.

Reason 1 It’s the place to find an engaging B2B audience

It is the social media platform of choice for professionals looking to make connections.

And we all know that connections lead to conversations and that conversations lead to clients.. And clients lead to cash! Right?!

I could almost stop writing here because how many more reasons do you need?

Ok…I will continue!

Reason 2 The buying power of your connections is potentially greater than that of any other platform

44% of people on LinkedIn have incomes of over $75k. This is the highest of any other platform.

80% of business leads come through LinkedIn.

Executives from every Fortune 500 company use the social network, says LinkedIn.

Also according to LinkedIn, its users have double the buying power of the average web audience.

Reason 3 Get closer to the top of Google searches

Google loves LinkedIn so you are more likely to find yourself on Page 1 of searches, or at least higher up in search.

So it pays to create a killer LinkedIn Profile, an optimised Company Page and articles that have keywords and cover subjects that people are searching for.

Reason 4 Allow your inner peacock out!

I cannot think of anywhere else online where you can communicate so much about yourself and your business. LinkedIn really does give you the ability to showcase yourself and your business in depth. For example, you can add your presentations, videos, awards, case studies, testimonials, your skills, your opinions, demonstrate your knowledge in so many ways.etc..

Where else can you blow your own trumpet to such an extent?

Reason 5 Linkedin makes it so easy for potential clients to find you

Now I admit that you do have to know how to use LinkedIn and optimise your Profile, Page and articles to allow this to happen. But if you do that you will be found more easily in both LinkedIn search as well as Google search.

If you have been super focused about your audience and niche as well as your client magnetising message then these people who find you are likely to be your perfect clients.

And, by the time they talk to you, they are pretty sure that you are the ideal business partner for them – as long as you have maximised the opportunities to add your information to your Profile, Page and posts/articles.

Reason 6 Develop yourself as a thought leader

Although Linkedin has 660m+ users , only 1% of users post content weekly. That gives you a lot of opportunity to get noticed and increase your visibility.

And that is half the battle won.

91% of marketing executives use LinkedIn as a content source – they are looking for you and what you are saying.

They are interested in hearing your opinions and in more depth that they are on other platforms. Using the Publishing platform on LinkedIn allows you to raise your credibility and expertise.

Reason 7 Higher potential for media exposure

Over 90% of journalists are on LinkedIn. One of my clients was approached to make a TV series about her area of expertise! You will also get approaches to be a podcast or radio show guest, to write guest blog posts, speak at summits, conferences, to other peoples private client groups and other numerous collaborations with other business owners.

Yet another reason to master LinkedIn!

Let me know when you are booked to be the expert on a TV show and I will tune in!


What can you do to maximise LinkedIn and the opportunity it offers you?

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