September 16

Why You Might be Banned From LinkedIn

Are you sending TONS of connection requests in the hope of gaining new clients?

Did you know that if you send too many, there is a danger of your LinkedIn account being restricted or even closed down?

And it’s not just high numbers of connection requests.

You may not be aware that LinkedIn also has limits on the amount of messages and profile views.

If you do get restricted:

•  Back off the activity for a few days & then keep your activity low and build up gradually.

•  Don’t be tempted to create a new account.

•  Contact LinkedIn asking why it happened & focus on finding out how to retrieve your account.

If you are messaging and connecting like a crazy person to find new clients, try this process based on quality not quantity…

1  Get clear on who your ideal clients are

2  Download your existing connections

3  Pick out those people who fit your criteria

4  Do your research and send a personalised message. Better a few quality connections everyday than a lot of unpersonalised ones!

5  Go through your newsfeed and make intelligent comments on other people’s posts to increase your visibility and educate people about who you are.  This is important to engender that ‘know, like and trust’ factor.

Do not expect results overnight. Make steady, consistent progress. In the end, it will get you to where you want to be faster!

What would you like to know about building your business on LinkedIn?

Let’s talk and make a plan. Click the photo below and book a time to suit you.


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