September 11

Why Narrowing Your Audience and Niche Can Feel Like Jumping off a Cliff

Do you know the feeling when jumping off the top of a cliff & abseiling down? 

Your brain is telling you NO! 


This is how my clients feel when we talk about focusing on one specific market.

Just like abseiling, it sounds totally mad.

They ask……

 “Won’t that narrow my market too much?”

 No. It will increase your inbound enquiries.

Those enquiries will be more qualified and therefore more likely to buy. 

And, please believe me when I tell you that there are always enough people to approach in any niche. 

Let’s say that you are a Leadership Coach.  You work with business leaders but, in the past, you have had the greatest success working with gay male business leaders.

Now you come to actively market yourself on LinkedIn you feel that narrowing your market will have an adverse effect on your results.



Here are two of the best reasons.

1  When people land on your LinkedIn Profile and see that you are a coach for gay male leaders, they will self select, meaning that you will only get enquiries from people you actually WANT to work with & can HELP.

2  It is SO much easier to write copy – for your profile, content, website, and emails if you have a specific person in mind. Those people IDENTIFY closely with what you are saying. Which, in turn, lets them know you understand them. Which is why they are more likely to work with you.

What are your views/experiences on having a specific market?


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