September 27

How to Write Content on LinkedIn that Gets Noticed

Hello, hello….. Anyone there?

Are you posting content and hearing crickets?

How do you write posts and articles that your potential clients comment on?

The first answer to these questions has NOTHING to do with the content itself.

And it’s got NOTHING to do with the number of connections you have.

It’s all to do with having a narrow, focused target audience.

Only then can your content be relevant enough, strike the right tone of voice, use the right language to motivate people to engage.

If you try to talk to young and old, male and female, business owners and employees, traditional views and modern views, your copy is unlikely to resonant with any of them.

There are many more steps to writing content that gets engagement.  None of them are much use until you have cracked niching your audience.

Look at the audience you are trying to attract with your content.

Consider if you are aiming too wide. There is a very high possibility that you are.

Then consider how you can really focus on a particular sub-section of your market.

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