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I feel that I know you already...

  • You are an ambitious, committed expert, entrepreneur, and business owner who wants to accelerate the exceptional results you need to thrive
  • You want more clients, you want to do more online business building, you are looking for a pain free method to market your business.
  • You want quick results, a simple way to attract your ideal clients, more inbound enquiries, more visibility with the audiences who matter to you.
I am Tracey Burnett, The LinkedIn Marketing Alchemist. I love creating ‘aha’ moments for my clients, helping to shape businesses, over delivering, being a crazy and continuous learner of LinkedIn and offering no nonsense, practical, results driven advice to my clients.

Would you like to learn how to find clients on LinkedIn?

I can support you too, using my unrivalled, unique 3 Step Business Accelerator Method utilising the power of LinkedIn. 

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my story

I never planned to have a career or my own business...

When I was at school I thought I would get married and have children because that’s what my mother, and the women she mixed with, did. I had no business role models, male or female on which to draw any other conclusion for my life.

I was brought up in the 60’s before life really started to change for women. My father had high standards, believed in hard work and liked the good things in life, especially food, which is where I started my lifelong passion for food and wine.

I am also blessed to have inherited his values of hard work and high standards.

In my teens I was introduced to more of the finer things in life and that got me thinking about how I could carve out a better, more abundant life for myself.

The road to entrepreneurship!
Corporate life did not really suit me once I got further up the ladder. They didn’t appreciate me sticking my head above the parapet with my opinions. I was too outspoken and my creative thinking was not valued.

I was not going to go much further up that corporate ladder!

The exciting but nerve wracking move to being an entrepreneur

So, a few years down the line when I was made redundant, it finally led me, in the middle of a recession, to become my own boss ……thinking that I was going to be able to work 3 days a week and become a lady of leisure for the rest of the week! Optimism is in my nature!

Everyone thought I was crazy. And it WAS frightening. But my boyfriend at the time, persuaded me that it was a great idea and he had a successful business and drove a Porsche 911 so I thought – if he can do it why can’t I?

So I burnt my boats by turning down a few well paid jobs in London.

It WAS a big risk. But then I am not risk averse and I do like a challenge so I took action!

So that finally led me, in the middle of a recession to become my own boss! I started my own marketing consultancy.

Everyone thought I was crazy.

Using a successful business formula that I still use today for my own business and my clients’ businesses, I turned over nearly $1/2m dollars within the first 2 years.

A good start!

Tracey and her sisters, 1967
My First Consultancy Branding
and so it continued...

But how did I take that start up from ZERO to $470,000 over the first two years?

And here I am today, forty years in business, nearly thirty years of being an entrepreneur and having my own business.

I have a history of utilising opportunities in a market downturn. 1990 and 2008 recessions and now the COVID-19.

In a recession, I started a business and took the consultancy to nearly $1/2m success in less than 2 years.

But how did I take that start up from ZERO to $470,000?

I did it with a process I still use today for myself and my clients.

1. I had a big – WHY.

I wanted to live outside of London and get away from a stressful job.

2. The right market.

I chose a market that I had knowledge of. That market had a BIG NEED. They didn’t have a clear marketing strategy. They didn’t have a unique message or a marketing plan. Clients had been easy for them to find. Until the market got tough.

3. A unique, compelling proposition and promise to my prospects.

I understood clearly my audiences’ pain and needs and the outcome they wanted. I had the experience that they clearly recognized as valuable to them.

4. A successful marketing method.

I had a simple process to identify my market, communicate and persuade the decision maker and get the sale.

Winning at LinkedIn

So now I use all of these strands gained over four decades, my failures, disappointments, mistakes, my wisdom, skills and experience in my business which allows me to serve the ambitious entrepreneur and business owner.

Those who want a no nonsense approach to building a thriving, recession fit business – fast.

They want more clients and they are looking for an easy pain free method to market their business.

They want to get more out of their LinkedIn presence and believe it can translate into meaningful connections and tangible measurable results and sales.

They want to quickly increase the number of conversations with their ideal audiences, leading to a steady stream of new clients plus higher visibility

Why Me?

I believe that I am different because I put an emphasis on the complete process that clients need to achieve the exceptional levels of success they want.

As a partner, mentor, advisor, I support ambitious, committed B2B experts, entrepreneurs and business owners to create results – clients, visibility and influence. These are gained by using my unrivalled 3 step Business Accelerator Method utilising the power of LinkedIn for business growth.

Personally, I am results driven, practical in my approach, supportive and love to over deliver. But, bear in mind, I am a no nonsense type of person but that means that you get the accountability you need to succeed!

I look forward to working with you!

Rated 5 Stars by Thousands of clients

My 3 Step Business Accelerator Method has
been serving me and my clients successfully for 30 years.

It will serve you well too. It will show you how to get new clients fast and how to build your business online.

step one

Unshakeable Business Foundation

Without this no amount of LinkedIn trickery and action will make a difference, that’s going for fool’s gold. I will help you dial that in leaving no room for wobble and topple when it comes to marketing your business! This is the real alchemy!

step two

Visibility & Lead Generation Via LinkedIn

Drawing on my wealth of experience and tried and tested strategies you become a master at executing them to generate interest in your business. You increase your visibility, get noticed, increase your credibility to generate conversations and sales. Rinse and repeat! Watch what happens – it is genius work!

step Three

Sales Maximisation

There is no point in spending time and money getting people to a sales call if you do not have the skills to convert them. Higher numbers of sales and revenue is the goal here.

Here’s how effective it is

My process will help you build a system to consistently feed you genuine leads from LinkedIn, the kind of leads you wish you were getting right now. Would that make a difference to you?


How many more sales could you make every month? What would you make in dollars and cents, and what would that mean to your lifestyle?


What you are coming to me for is the knowledge about how to actually make it work. That is worth tens of thousands of dollars now and over the coming years.


I will teach you how to fish for the rest of your life.

unshakeable business foundation

Get super clear on your perfect niche & audience

Understand where your clients are now and where they want to be

Create a client magnetising marketing message

Package your products/services in such a way that clients find it hard to say no!

Get Noticed

Build your
Credibility & Influence

Clients & Revenue

visibility & lead generation via linkedin

Create an All Star Linkedin Profile that gets noticed

Build your LinkedIn network & email list

Build relationships with your ideal clients

Create a content strategy to build visibility and credibility

Increase leads and enquiries

sales maximisation

Remove obstacles that are hindering greater success

Learn an easy way to handle prospect calls so they say YES!

Ensure you never leave money on the table again

Are you ready to take action?

I want to ask you this...

  • Do you have a crystal clear ‘message to market to method’ alignment in your business?
  • Do you have a solid irresistible offer? And a way to talk about it in a magnetic way?
  • Do you know who your best paying clients are?
  • If you can’t do that in 60 seconds, you need me.
  • If you had a lead a day, would you know how to convert that lead into a conversation, or a client?
  • If I said go into LinkedIn and get five leads today would you know what to do?
If the answer is no, you need me. If you are serious about designing a flourishing business, and want to know how to find new clients on LinkedIn, let’s have a chat.

Work with Me to Get High Paying Clients Through LinkedIn

Guaranteed results in 90 days.


You will leave this program having achieved amazing results and set up to achieve even more every week thereafter.


To allow you to maximise the opportunities on LinkedIn and have a constant stream of new clients, we will:-

– get your mindset in the right place
– establish an unshakeable business foundation
– establish a LinkedIn process shows you how to get new clients
– build leads and get meetings from LinkedIn
– build visibility for your brand
– learn the process of gaining new clients gracefully with less effort and stress
– learn how to improve those sales calls without feeling sleazy!


This LinkedIn training course for coaches & consultants includes weekly training sessions, hot seats, Q&As, weekly milestones to move you forward faster, all modules online with lifetime access.



Suitable for people who are on a budget and prefer working on their own.

You will get all you need to consistently bring in your ideal clients from LinkedIn.

In the detailed video training complete with handouts, checklists, templates etc, I explain the ‘why, what and how’, showing you, in great detail, how to apply what you have learnt.

Read all about the LinkedIn Constant Client Formula here


OR book a chat here to discuss this program.

Working privately with Tracey, this program covers everything you need to be a roaring success and take your business to the next level and beyond

Book a chat here to discuss how to get clients fast

You get as many 20 minute laser coaching calls with Tracey as you want for 9 months for one insanely low payment.

I’ll keep you focused and on track giving you the marketing and business advice you need to achieve the success you desire.

Learn more here about how you can have UNLIMITED access to me.

This is for graduates of LinkedIn Client Accelerator Roadmap  and EXCLUSIVE programmes and also for advanced marketers who want to use LinkedIn for business growth.

Increase your results exponentially by learning even more about getting results on LinkedIn and also learn what is working in marketing right now and how you can apply them to your business.

Have all of your questions answered, learn new, up to dates advanced ways of marketing your business in bi-monthly mastermind group sessions. Apply Here

Find out what people
have been saying...

  • image

    Tracey Burnett is truly an expert in LinkedIn marketing. Her extensive knowledge of LinkedIn and her superb marketing knowledge help significantly facilitate my business. Her connections, resources, her team and unparalleled knowledge is a real asset to my business and marketing. Her stark attention to detail, and her ardent passion and patience to mentor and teach in the areas of her expertise truly epitomises her as one of the most laudable marketing strategists out there! Her commendable work ethic, positivity, perseverance and can-do attitude create and establish a high trust relationship. She has helped me create a brand that accentuates my credibility, visibility, believability & search-ability. I am so grateful and impressed with the quality of her exemplary services.

  • image

    Tracey’s LinkedIn Client Accelerator Roadmap course is more than how to build a profile and use LinkedIn. For the time that you are in the course, she is thinking with you strategically as to how to integrate LinkedIn into your marketing strategy, and how to align all your marketing activities. The process of sharpening your image of your target audience with your message, and linking that to a marketing strategy grows clearer and clearer each week! The individualized attention and strategizing is priceless! Tracey’s unassuming style and genuine commitment to serving her clients attracts a lovely group of participants.

  • image

    I was looking for an easy way to fill my programmes. With three businesses to run, my fundraising events, travelling all over the world and a multitude of other tasks, Tracey’s LinkedIn service was exactly what I needed. It worked right from the beginning when we had 15 meetings promised in the first week alone. Everyone I spoke to was my ideal client which is testament to the work done up front on target audience and message. Over the 6 months of the campaign, 98 of my LinkedIn connections requested a meeting – an average of 16 per month. As well as potential new clients I also received partnership opportunities and even collaboration on a new TV series!

  • image

    Tracey delivers proven results. She models the axiom ‘been there, done that’ she’s achieved amazing results. Tracey shares practical wisdom. She teaches with immediate application and moves then to continuous improvement. She teaches it and then with her guidance, you apply it, you evaluate it and you refine it.

    She’s always pushing the envelope, looking for the latest technology, refining her art and the science of it. So that she can figure out how to do it better, faster, more economically, and all that practical wisdom she just passes on all she can.

    Tracey has a personal commitment to my success. She doesn’t just download information and say, oh, you’re on your own. She has a vested interest in helping me apply what she teaches until I get the results I want and need. So bottom line, if you are interested in an expert LinkedIn coach who has proven results, will share practical wisdom and has a personal commitment to your business success then I highly recommend Tracey.

  • image

    I had the opportunity to get Tracey’s expert advice on my LinkedIn strategy. Tracey is very knowledgeable in LinkedIn and it is clear how she consistently studies the ins and outs of the platform to provide her clients with strategic and tactical advice that will help them position and grow their business. With Tracey’s keen business eye and her passion for service, she offers targeted and practical advice that can be incorporated immediately. I particularly appreciated her no-nonsense approach, her authentic and genuine personality and her generosity. She willingly shares tips and tools that help her clients advance on their own and offers more hands-on services that provide the guidance to excel on LinkedIn.

  • image

    Tracey and I spent some time together today looking at my LinkedIn profile and content.

    She was generous with her time and her insight was invaluable. She didn’t focus on what I’m already doing well, but instead on some areas in which I could improve. She gave me some pointers and practical info, but didn’t try to sell me solutions.

    The result is credibility, trust and respect which I shall remember when recommending you to others. Thank you Tracey

  • image

    Tracey is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work with entrepreneurs and helping them to succeed with LinkedIn. I had a brief session with her and in that time was able to get support and advice, which has supported my business. She is very professional and open. In a short time Tracey got to the heart of the issues and provided practical and easily implementable advice.

  • image

    Tracey is amazing at what she does – there is simply no other way to say it! She utilises her wealth of experience – having headed up the marketing departments at some of the largest corporations in the world – and in turn her unique approach to her own clients’ projects is refreshing. Tracey is personable, trustworthy and always provides a holistic long term strategy. Your experience with Tracey will not differ from this as she pours her heart and soul into every single thing she does. Her dedication and consistency is second to none, and Tracey has the interminable ability to skilfully map out and execute the most intricate of marketing solutions enthusiastically and most importantly, successfully.

  • image

    Many people call themselves an expert, and many people assure you that they can help you grow your business. Often, neither of these things turn out to be true! Tracey is the exception. She absolutely is an expert. She can help and she does help. She’s professional, knowledgeable, supportive, honest and outcomes focused. I’m delighted that we’ve met and right from our first conversation she’s already made a difference to the way I think about my work and my business. I can thoroughly recommend her.

  • image

    Tracey is an unstoppable expert, going the full distance to put her clients in the best possible infra-structure to assure their success. Her expertise is profound and savvy. She is relentless and super dedicated. Her grand mind, experience and profound care for individuals are nothing short of remarkable. Combining her profound humanity with her expertise, she will go the distance to put you where you would have never expected to be in the marketplace!

  • image

    Guilty! I’ll admit to being one of those “doe in the headlight” coaches, full of dreams and aspirations. While I was very successful in helping my clients, I had no clue how to market my services. It came down to “do or die” and I needed a “no nonsense” solution to my marketing dilemma-fast! I needed someone patient enough to teach me, straight forward enough to tell it “like it is”, knowledgeable enough to get it right, and motivating enough to get me to actually do it! I needed Tracey!

    I am impressed with the depth of her research into my business, she made certain she understood it completely! Then, with her vast experience and depth of knowledge, Tracey has helped me narrow my focus (I have sooo many ideas, and so many ways that I love to help people), devise a “strategy”, create a marketing plan, tweak copy, titles, outlines and content. She’s offered spot on feedback on my own branding (profiles, banners, logos, graphics etc).

    With her knowledge and experience with LinkedIn she’s miles ahead of other marketing coaches (who have dedicated their time to Facebook marketing and, due to the recent Facebook changes, they are now scrambling to learn LinkedIn) Tracey’s already “tried and tested” and mastered LinkedIn, making Tracey the coach I want to help me create and execute a LinkedIn Strategy.

    Most importantly, she’s given me the courage to get out there and market myself! Tracey has become my businesses’ marketing guru, and I wouldn’t think of missing our weekly sessions.

  • image

    Before meeting Tracey Burnett, the idea I had about marketing was quite different from the one I possess now. I thought marketing was about disguising the truth so people will end up buying your product/service and it didn’t matter the final result for the sale’s sake.

    During the time I’ve been working with her have come to realize that marketing doesn’t have to be that way (in fact, it’s a quite old-fashioned way) Tracey is an honest and reliable professional, but above all a wonderful, intelligent and fun person to work with. She is so focused on her work that she seems to live, breathe and dream LinkedIn and marketing strategies all the time.

    Regarding LinkedIn, Tracey is a real master and expert and helps clients get great results. Without any hesitation I highly recommend her if you want to build your business with your ideal clients.

    Working with Tracey is guaranteed to be a win-win situation for everyone.

  • image

    I had the chance to join a short seminar organized by Tracey about Linkedin and on how to optimize content and provide value to my customers thanks to the platform. It was a great introduction to the potentialities of the media, especially in positioning oneself as someone who can help others with his content and in return create genuine connections with people. I never realized there was a method to it – and Tracey certainly has the keys to this method.

  • image

    I want to give a HUGE shout out to Tracey Burnett! I had a session with her yesterday that truly was life changing for me. She is terrific at what she does. I can’t thank her enough for her spending the time with me. She literally got me unstuck and helped me get terrific clarity around my business. Her Business Breakthrough truly is just that.

  • image

    As a life coach, I got limited marketing knowledge and strategies in terms of how to market my business. By working with Tracey, she really helped me to build the foundation from defining my niche to designing website and marketing promotion plan. Within 6 months working with her, I had already got high ticket paying clients from different marketing channels. Truly appreciate your help and support. Tracey Thank you for your hard work!

  • image

    Tracey Burnett is truly an expert in knowing the ins and outs of LinkedIn marketing. Her extensive knowledge of LinkedIn and her superb marketing knowledge help significantly facilitate my business, especially when I launched it during Covid, the most challenging time! In addition, she’s very resourceful with genuine hands-on experiences in marketing and LinkedIn, as well as business in general. Her connections, resources, her team and substantial knowledge is a real asset to my business and marketing. Her unparalleled knowledge has helped me gain invaluable exposure, engagements and endorsements. Her stark attention to detail, and her ardent passion and patience to coach in the areas of her expertise truly epitomizes her as one of the most laudable marketing strategists out there! Her commendable work ethic, positivity, perseverance and can-do attitude create and establish a high trust relationship. She has helped me create a brand that accentuates my credibility, visibility, believability & search-ability. AND helped me get new clients. I am so grateful and impressed with the quality of her exemplary services.

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