Here is a selection of comments from Tracey’s clients:

“I contacted Tracey at a very difficult time in my life, when I felt very alone with my depression. I didn’t expect anything, having hit brick walls so often, but Tracey was supportive right from the first contact. As well as keeping in regular contact with me via phone and email, she did a lot of research on helpful resources for me and pointed me towards other avenues of help. She made me feel understood and that she genuinely wanted to help me. She gave me options, never tried to force anything onto me, and respected me as an individual. She went the extra mile to try and help me, and I would recommend her to anyone suffering with depression, mood disorders, or just feeling very low.”

Danni Dean, Norwich, Norfolk

Valerie Kravette“Tracey packs a lot of information and insight into a short period of time. She is knowledgeable and passionate about health. I found her a joy to speak to, and very empowering!”

Valerie Kravette, Tucson, AZ

“I enjoyed my sessions with Tracey, who is a wonderful listener. Her knowledge in nutrition and lifestyle in relation to health is extensive. Her skills will benefit many people in this day and age which requires professionals who emphasize on the prevention rather than cure of disease.”

Mercyline, Middlesex, UK

Penny Le Besque“Tracey is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the nutrition field – and I know a few!! In particular she stays abreast of the latest thinking which she then translates into meaningful and understandable information which when received on a daily basis makes it much easier to absorb and implement”

Penny Le Besque Inspirations, Learning and Development Limited

“Tracey was very generous with both her time and her expertise. She clearly has a passion for what she does and it is also clear that she walks her talk, as she is brimming with energy and positivity!”

Ruth, Edinburgh

Joanna Garvey‘I am a busy professional and as a result do not give as much thought and time to my health as I should do. I need information plus easy to implement ideas that are going to get me fast results. Tracey has delivered all that and more. I love it!’

Joanna Garvey, MSc, Consultant, Cubiks, Dubai

Caroline Shad‘Tracey’s course is superbly designed for today’s busy lifestyles and is invaluable to those people who want to be and feel the best they can be. Instead of being overwhelmed and intimidated by an excess of information, she provides relevant, succinct facts and tips that can be quickly and easily implemented .’

Caroline Shad, Catherine Court Dental Practice, Frome, UK

‘I have had some serious illnesses over the last few years and have become aware that there are so many things that can impact on your health. I am keen to gain more knowledge about holistic health so that I can well every day and be an example to my children. Tracey’s coaching is inspired, the advice is so practical and she is a mine of information and a real inspiration. She is very down to earth and genuine. I find that approach very refreshing.’

Jo Morgan, Cranmore, UK

Sheetal ChadhaI have been coached by Tracey and subscribed to her group coaching. I have a thyroid problem and arthritis and both conditions as well as my general health, have really improved as a result. My energy and fitness levels have picked up too. I can make healthier decisions now I have more knowledge. I highly recommend her.’

Sheetal Chadha, Director, James Bay Limited, Hayes, UK

Tracey and I met at a Tony Robbins event where we found we had similar lives but not similar interests. Before meeting Tracey I was the package food junkie; just toss it in the microwave and go. While Tracey really is the food diva, her knowledge of raw, organic healthy food choices is astounding! You can’t hang out with her and not be influenced to change your unhealthy habits. She has a recipe for Ceviche that will make you want to go raw just so you have an excuse to use it! With her support as a mentor and coach I was able to achieve the health & weight loss goals I set for myself losing 27 pounds in just 2 months and keeping it off! Now I eat more raw and more organic than ever before. Tracey is awesome.”

Velma Kelly, Managing Principal, Fizbini Consulting Services LLC, Seattle, USA

Annie LionnetTracey Burnett is an accomplished cook and an expert on optimum wellness through food and nutrition. She has a wealth of knowledge and a passion for sharing it and inspiring others to make the best nutritional choices. In the often confusing arena of health and nutrition, she offers simple and easily applied ideas and recipes for preparing and eating delicious, healthy food to energise mind and body.”

Annie Lionnet, Astrologer and Life Coach, London, UK

Christina TreacherIn the 30 years I have known Tracey she has been in the vanguard of many foodie developments. I have never met anyone before or since who is so passionately involved with food. One of the characteristics I admire is her ability to get to the nub of the problem and tell you in a refreshingly straightforward manner.

Christina Treacher, Owner, Christina Treacher Associates, Surbiton, UK

Tracey has helped me become more confident working with food and nutritional decision making. She has a warm and empathetic personality, which I find very appealing. I have introduced her to close friends and family members without a second thought; such is her charisma and ability to communicate with people of all ages and background. Without a doubt, Tracey possesses a unique and crafted insight of food, health and wellness. On a personal note, my family has benefited from Tracey’s guidance and support over the past 15 years. She offers a practical and down to earth approach to cooking and learning about food and healthy living. She is an excellent teacher and an inspirational chef, with a have-a-go attitude, which is her hallmark. In a nutshell, she makes learning fun, easy and is professional in the extreme.

Diane Lowe, Calne, UK

Dr Thomasina CrasterTracey Burnett is clearly very experienced and accomplished at what she does. Tracey clearly understood both my personal and business needs and was able to clearly direct me as to how to move forward. I highly recommend her services to anyone that is wanting to move forward in their business or personal life whether they need professional and or intuitive support, advice or confidence coaching to take those steps.

Dr Thomasina Craster, Abundant Wellbeing Centre, Bath, UK

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